From Head to Toe.

This is my mantra. I am Lit From head to toe!! I keep telling myself this everyday in front of the mirror. I want to give you the same confidence. Stick around, walk with me and you will love it.

The age of DaDa.

My visualizations.

I am always creating & designing a new outfit or artwork in my mind. I just want to create and keep creating. My mind don't ever stop. This is me!

My mission

For me to express my inner world to people like you I needed to go in and find my self. Now that I achieve that I can be myself and show that YOU can do it too!! 

About me

When I'm creating I am in my element. Making my passion my work proves that every dream is worth fighting for. 

My personal drive

To be ambitious and be my true authentic self.

Discover my WINTER collection.

Everyone have their own story. Mine begins here!!